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Questions about the Steam release?

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How do I play?

Mastermine plays very similarly to minesweeper. If you're still wondering how to play after playing the tutorial, try online guides for regular minesweeper, as the skills are very transferrable.

Still having trouble? The other players in our Discord community will be happy to help.

Does the game feature Chording?

Chording, an advanced minesweeper technique is present in the game. Head to Settings -> Controls and bind it to an action to enable it.

I can't press the "Manage Data Privacy" button

This button sometimes doesn't work on devices with an AdBlocker enabled, disable it and try again.

Is there a leaderboard API?

Yes! If you'd like to pull leaderboard data for your own purposes, such as creating graphs or tracking world records, hit either of the following URLs:

/api/top100?cubeSize=5 - Will give you the top 100 players for that cube size (5 in this example), as well as the number of players on that board, in JSON.

/api/sizes - Will give you a list of cube sizes that have at least 1 record alongisde who holds the WR for that size, in JSON.

Notes: Both endpoints are cached, you might not see positions update for as much as 10 minutes after they update in-game. No data is given out that is not visible in-game. Profane nicknames are censored.

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