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A classic reimagined

Mastermine brings the classic puzzle of Minesweeper into another dimension with all new graphics & gameplay.

As if that wasn't enough, new "powerups" can help you out in a pinch by blasting away parts of the cube, shuffling mine locations, probing for intel with sonar and more.

A 5x5 cube
A 5x5 cube with a retro skin


In-game you'll find plenty of different ways to view the cube, from retro throwbacks to challenges like playing without numbers.

If that's not enough, Custom Skins allow you to create, remix & upload your own texture packs for the game.

Compete for World Records

Mastermine features global leaderboards for a potentially infinite amount of cube sizes, alongside modes for challenging yourself, or just relaxing in the zen of solving a large cube.

Compete with other players for the fastest times on small cubes you can retry in a matter of seconds, or race to own the largest cube on the board with puzzles that last over an hour!

A solid gold 8x8 cube
A 15x15 cube using the Sonar powerup

An infinite roster of puzzles

If your device can handle it, Mastermine can play a cube of any size.The leaderboards already hold records up to 80x80x80 - that's over six and a half thousand mines to avoid.

Even on the smallest of cubes, there are so many arrangements you'll never play the same game twice.

Game & site created by Adam Soutar

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